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Please let me begin by saying that I sincerely appreciate your visit to these MP Memorial Pages.  These pages are dedicated to all Military Police men and women who have passed away, regardless of circumstances.  Active, reserve, retired...two years or twenty.  If they wore the brassard, their legacies belong here to be remembered always.

During this site's creation, every effort was made to locate the names of deceased Military Police and any available information/articles related to each of them. I am sure I have missed plenty of others and/or missed several items of interest related to the ones listed thus far.

But this is where you come in.

The purpose of this website is to provide an expanded tribute to each of these Military Police men and women...and it has been created with an interactive expectation. Meaning that notices, articles, stories, obituaries, personal memoirs, photos and other relevant items of interest about these soldiers can be submitted directly to me and, upon approval, they will be posted in the MP's individual memorial page.

My approval guidelines are simple: (1) nothing that would be deemed inappropriate or discrediting in any manner will be posted; and (2) I retain the editorial license to make that determination. I value historical accuracy...and intend to maintain it to the best of my ability...but disparaging personal comments are unnecessary and serve no worthwhile purpose.

These pages are - first and foremost - a quiet place of reverence and to make everyone's visit as pleasant as possible, I will monitor the submissions by first reviewing them myself (as opposed to a public "auto-entry" system) before they are posted in the memorial pages.  This way, the respect that is due these men and women never risks being compromised.

With that small disclaimer aside, please submit memorial entries, personal memories, stories, info, articles, or anything else you wish to share to:

Be sure to put the soldier's full name in the subject line, and include your own name for any personal stories, comments or photos you wish to share.  If you submit a previously-published article, please provide the origin information so I can attribute proper credit to the piece...otherwise it will not be posted if I cannot properly acknowlege its source.  If you have newspaper clippings or other hard-copy momentos that you are unable to scan and submit via e-mail, you may copy them and mail to: PO Box 9093, Mesa, Arizona 85214-9093 and I will gladly type them in.

Comments/general correspondence are always welcome at: and any website difficulties should be reported to:

As a side note, my anti-virus program will quarantine and destroy any e-mail it thinks is "infected", so if your prudent submission has not been posted within a reasonable amount of time, you may wish to look into possible problems with the source computer and try again.

Now...enough of all this technical talk...

THANK YOU for coming to visit
the memories of these men and women who
served our country in the Military Police Corps.

Please enjoy your stay and come back to visit them often.

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