I have received stories of MP deaths where the exact details cannot be remembered.  I decided to post them here for viewing by other site visitors who may have information about these incidents.  All it takes is just one right clue to get another memorial page included for a deserving MP.

Please e-mail me at admin@honoredmps.org with any information you may have on the following recollections, even if you think it may be an insignificant clue.  Please also mail any memories of your own that you'd like to have added to this page for follow up.

If it gets one more MP added to these pages where he or she belongs, it's all worth it.

THANK YOU for your help!

1.  "I remember in June of 1962, there were two Military Policemen (QUEEN & BREDEN) who were killed in an automobile accident while on duty assigned to the USA MP Co, Camp Zama, Japan."

2.  "The only lead I have is one who I am sorry to say I don't remember the name of. Shortly after I left the 205th MP Co at Ft Leavenworth KS (I left on 23 Feb 78), an MP was killed while off duty at a party with friends. There were several that had been drinking and the conversation turned to guns. The MP got his new personally owned 9mm pistol out and was showing it around. They thought it had been unloaded but missed the one in the chamber. At some point, one of the people snapped the trigger and the pistol went off, striking the owner in the back."

3.  "I remember a incident at either Hunter Army Airfield or Ft Story about two MPs that stopped a hold up of the post gas station and radioed for help, when the crooks started shooting. Well, in the late 60s we had really bad radios and they could not get the help they needed. One MP was killed and the other wounded badly and the crooks got away. Another patrol found the two MPs."

4.  "Here's one for you to try.  Marc Kohn.  I went to basic training with him and understand he died while playing quick draw at a gate one night.  I can't find any info on the incident which leads me to believe I am mistaken.  We weren't close but...  I wish I could give you more.  He graduated BT in Nov 79 and I believe he died in '80 or '81."

5.  "I remember there was a female MP, K-9 Handler stationed at Fort McPherson, GA (in Atlanta).  She was murdered by her husband, but for the life of me I CAN'T remember her name.  It had to be around the 92 - 94 time frame, because we had gone to PLDC together on Ft Benning."

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