December 14, 1880 - June 19, 1946

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MG Allen Wyant Gullion

Born in Carrollton, Kentucky, on December 14, 1880.
Army Officer. University of Kentucky, LL.B., 1914. Died, June 19, 1946.

He was Judge Advocate General and Provost Marshal of the United States Army. He earned the B.A. degree at Centre College in 1901, and later received the B.S. in Military Tactics degree from the United States Military Academy (1905). He returned to Kentucky to pursue a law degree, which awarded by the University in 1914. The University of Kentucky awarded him an honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 1942. He also received honorary LL.D. degrees from the University of Hawaii (1935), and Center College (1939).

He attained the rank of Major General in the United States Army.

He was given his first command as a Second Lieutenant in 1905, and commanded the 2nd Kentucky Infantry on the Mexican border in 1916; promoted temporarily to Lieutenant Colonel during World War I. He returned to UK as a Professor of Military Science and Tactics (1912-14). He served as Chief of Mobilization Division in the Office of the Provost Marshal, National Selective Service, Washington, D. C., in 1917.

In 1918, he was Judge Advocate of the 2nd Corps, AEF; legal adviser to General R. L. Bullard, Governor's Island, New York, 1919-24, and was with the Office of the Judge Advocate General, Washington, 1928-30, as Chief of the Military Affairs Division.

In 1929, he was the Senior War Department Representative to a Geneva Conference on the formulation of a code for POW'S. He was Senior Judge Advocate for the Hawaiian Department, 1932-33, and in 1938 was the sole U.S. Delegate to the Congress of Juridical Experts, Luxembourg. He was the Senior War Department Representative and Delegate of the American and Federal Bar Associations at the first convention of the Inter-American Bar Association, in Havana, in 1941.

He was Deputy Administrator for NRA, Territory of Hawaii, 1933-35, and returned to Washington in the latter year to serve as Chief of the Military Affairs Division and Assistant Judge Advocate General, until 1937. He was promoted to Major General that year and named Judge Advocate General. He was Provost Marshal July 31, 1941 to April 28, 1944. He retired in 1944 after serving briefly in France.

He was honorary President of the Kentucky Society of Washington. His honors also included the Distinguished Service Medal, with oak leaf clusters, and the Legion of Merit. He also was given an award by Ecuador.

Allen Wyant Gullion was named to the Hall of Distinguished Alumni in February 1965.

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